Ewa Anna Wasiutyńska

Born in Warsaw, where she has been living again since 2012. After graduating from the Faculty of Architecture at Warsaw Polytechnic, she worked for 3 years as an assistant in that Faculty in the department of Professor Lachert. In 1968 she began work as an architect in building firms and architecture offices in Belgium. She designed office and residential buildings, cultural, commercial and sports centres, in Belgium, Nigeria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

From 1982 she worked as architect in charge at the E.VERHAEGEN Architecture Office in Brussels, where she designed auditoria, office buildings, care homes, schools and hospitals in Belgium and Algeria. In parallel to her career as an architect she drew and painted – since 2007 she has concentrated on watercolours on the theme of flowers, clouds and Brussels houses, and Polish landscapes. She has taken part in exhibitions in Gdańsk and Warsaw. In 2015 she received the medal of the centenary of Warsaw Polytechnic. She is a member of SARP PL* and SARP FR**, and a member of the “KOŁO PLENER”, SARP PL*.

* Association of Polish Architects
** Association of Polish Architects in France